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Gamifying Rehabilitation: Motion-Controlled Video Games in Physical Therapy

Written by PLAYWORK | April 2024

Motion-controlled video games offer a dynamic approach to physical therapy by gamifying exercises through interactive gameplay. Patients engage with these games using motion-sensing devices like the Smart PLAYBALL System, translating their movements into in-game actions. For example, in a game like "Knife Hit," players use hand motions to precisely throw virtual knives at rotating targets, which can be adapted to focus on specific therapy goals such as improving hand motion, hand-eye coordination and strength.

This gamification encourages active participation and compliance, making therapy sessions enjoyable and motivating. Real-time feedback on movement quality helps therapists monitor progress and customize interventions. With a variety of games available, therapy can be tailored to individual interests, abilities, and rehabilitation goals.

Whether playing virtual sports or navigating obstacle courses, motion-controlled video games make rehabilitation engaging and rewarding. By harnessing technology to promote movement and engagement, these games empower patients to take an active role in their recovery journey, ultimately leading to improved rehabilitation outcomes.

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Tags: Technology-driven therapy solutions, Digital rehabilitation devices, Connected therapy equipment, Rehabilitation tech innovation


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