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PT\OT Must-Haves: The Smart PLAYBALL 3 sizes bundle provides a comprehensive solution for clinics.

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Medically reviewed by Liron Shnitzer, OT — written by PLAYWORK.

This innovative bundle is a game-changer, ensuring that clinics can offer a wide array of recovery solutions in a compact and adaptable package.

In the realm of physical therapy and rehabilitation, innovation continues to drive progress in the quest to help patients regain their mobility, strength, and overall well-being. Among these innovations, PLAYWORK LTD offers a bundle of three Versatile Smart PLAYBALL sizes that stands out as an all-encompassing solution for clinics, addressing the diverse recovery needs of their patients.

This smart playball system is designed to cater to a wide range of rehabilitation needs, thanks to its three distinct ball sizes. Each size has a unique purpose and can be employed in a variety of therapeutic exercises, making it an invaluable tool for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Video: utilizing the 3 ball dimentions with various common exercises

The different sizes were designed in order to adapt the treatment to a wider range of populations and diagnoses, and also allow therapists from different disciplines to expand the therapeutic intervention.

The 7.4’’/19cm PLAYBALL: The “hand specialist”

For those with neurological conditions like stroke survivors or individuals with multiple sclerosis, the smallest ball size is ideal. Its diminutive size and weight make it perfect for fine motor control exercises, aiding patients in regaining dexterity in hands and fingers as well as and hand-eye coordination.

The 11.8’’/30cm PLAYBALL: The “range extractor”

The medium-sized smart playball is invaluable for those with orthopedic upper limb dysfunctions, such as shoulder, elbow, or wrist injuries. It supports strength-building and enhances range-of-motion, promoting better joint mobility and muscle function.

The 15.7’’/40cm PLAYBALL: The “Lower limb specialist”

The largest ball size, with its substantial weight and size, plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation of lower limb dysfunctions, aiding patients in regaining leg strength, balance, and posture, particularly following knee, hip, or ankle injuries. Moreover, it proves highly effective for balance disorders, challenging stability and enhancing proprioception. Can help practice and improve mobility skills.

A comprehensive solution for clinics

The new Versatile Smart PLAYBALL bundle represents a holistic approach to rehabilitation, offering a comprehensive solution for clinics to address a wide array of patient recovery needs. Its versatility streamlines the rehabilitation process, empowering clinics to provide optimal care for their patients, helping them regain their independence and quality of life. This innovative system is a game-changer, ensuring that clinics can offer a wide array of recovery solutions in a compact and adaptable package.

Additionally, it is known that similar balls are commonly found in clinics, with their usage often recognized and recurrent. The presence of various sizes and their incorporation into the Smart PLAYBALL (e.g., iPad, engaging and purposeful exercise) serves as an opportunity for innovation and expanding ideas in the therapeutic field.

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