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Cognitive Training with PLAYBALL

Use PLAYBALL with hundres of common ball exercises. The unique game mechanism enables you also to choose, invent or practice your own exercises! 


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Brain-Games Exercises

Cognitive health, or the ability to remember, learn, and adopt new things, is an essential part of our everyday activities. From kids to seniors, it should be taken care of the same way we take care of our lungs or kidneys, for example. It is a part of your brain health along with motor functions, emotional functions, and tactile functions.

Whatever the case, cognitive training with a therapy ball from PLAYWORK can prove useful.

One-of-a-Kind Tool for Cognitive training exercises

 Studies have long ago found a connection between playing games and improving cognitive skills. The benefits of brain training have been reaped for years by therapists around the world.


Regardless of your age, playing games such as matching words, images, sounds, or memory card games can never be boring. Also, it is a fantastic way to preserve your mental health and make sure you will be as active in your old age as you are now.

At PLAYWORK, we took the standard of cognitive training to the next level. Our innovative exercise ball (PLAYBALL) offers A new innovative cognitive practice that is aimed to combine together physical and cognitive training.


The smart ball comes with a series of cognitive games that are played on an Ipad and controlled by the pressure and movement applied on the ball with your hands. In this way, you can enhance your practice and be even more engaged, and improving both your physical and cognitive skills.

But, most importantly, PLAYBALL employs proprietary IoT technology to turn common brain training activities into a fun and engaging gamified process.

The Mysterious IoT Technology

IoT, or the Internet of Things, technology describes the network of physical “things” or objects that are embedded with software, sensors, and other technologies to connect and exchange data between each other over the Internet.

At PLAYWORK, we were determined to develop an improved alternative to standard exercise balls to make the therapy process not only effective but also fun and enjoyable.


By employing IoT in PLAYBALL, we were able to create a unique product that allows you to complete specially-designed physiotherapy games and exercises, while our smart software tracks your performance to produce a customized care plan driven by the collected data.

Unmatched Versatility

PLAYBALL was designed for hundreds of common rehabilitation and total-body exercise techniques.

Review our video tutorials and try out some of the pre-installed exercises for:

You can even invent and create your own exercises and games, - the possibilities are limitless.

Benefits of At-Home Exercises with PLAYBALL

Some of the main benefits of using PLAYBALL on a regular basis include:

  • Strengthens muscles. Improves strength and mobility of various muscle groups, such as hands, fingers, forearms, shoulders, thighs, core, and more.

  • Minimizes pain and stiffness. Improves flexibility and blood circulation, as well as reduces chronic muscle and joint pain.

  • Help individuals at all ages to preserve their memory, improve motor-skills, learn new things, pay more attention to details and think quicker.  

  • Stress relief. Small and portable, PLAYBALL can be used as a go-to stress relief tool for adults or students to reduce tension, anxiety, and stress levels.

  • Comfortable grip. Made from soft rubber, our hand exercise ball is perfectly sized to ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip.

  • Fun and engaging. Proprietary IoT technology turns regular rehabilitation or physiotherapy total-body exercises into a fun and exciting activity.


If you suffer from injuries or medical conditions that limit your regular ability to move, think  and function, don't overlook the importance of regular at-home exercises. Buy PLAYBALL today.


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