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PLAYBALL For Rehabilitation

Introducing innovative and creative ways to Empower patients in physical, functional & cognitive rehabilitation. 


Engaging patients in fun & playfully therapy activities

Versatile for all settings: hospitals, clinics home-care services

Improving diverse skills: physical, cognitive & functional rehabilitation

Simple to set & easy to use

Customers and Partners


We designed PLAYBALL with occupational therapists, physical therapists, assistive technologies specialists and carers who use PLAYBAL to train: 

  • IOT Therapy Ball
    People have been talking about the internet of things, and how it will revolutionize our lives for a long time now. But while others have been talking we have been working - or Playworking with our therapy ball - an intelligent therapy ball, is the product of our hard work over the past years. our therapy ball was developed on the basis of our experiences with rehabilitation patients and caregivers, and our expertise in developing cutting-edge electronics, therapy balls that offer patients and therapists perfect motion tracking data via smart integrated sensors that measure and track patient performance connected via Bluetooth to the PLAYWORK screen. PLAYBALL is the only interactive physical therapy equipment that also measures the pressure applied to the ball. With it you can: Perform objective, irrefutable measurement of patient performance. Devote your undivided attention to supervising and engaging with your patients Analyze, and show your patient, how much he has improved, and where he should concentrate to optimize his performance at your leisure, once the work is done. Did we say work? What we meant is play, because PLAYBALL also functions as a video game controller, enabling the patient to complete standard rehabilitation ball exercises in sync with playing engaging games, and receiving real-time visual feedback, empowering him to self-correct his technique and motions under your close supervision.
  • PLAYWORK exercise programs compatible with the PLAYBALL includes:
    Hand exercise ball specially designed to help exercise and rehabilitate the hand, wrist, fingers, and forearms from disorders or injuries. Our innovative therapy ball provides a strong level of resistance and helps increase the range of motion, build up strength, and relieve pressure on arthritic joints - all in a fun, engaging manner that will grip your patients even as they improve their grip. Exercises for the entire shoulder complex to aid rehabilitation from injuries or disorders. PLAYBALL provides resistance and helps build up strength, as well as increasing the range of motion and the flexibility of your shoulder complex. Patients no longer have to guess whether they are operating their shoulders correctly - rather they will be using shoulder movements to achieve objectives displayed on the PLAYWORK screen, enabling rapid improvement of performance and patient self-confidence. Whole body exercises: Stiffness, arthritis and other back pains are the plagues of the 21st-century desk jockey. With PLAYBALL, your patients can build up their muscle strength, relieve pressure, and increase flexibility and the range of motion - all while improving fine motor control and posture with the feedback provided by the PLAYWORK screen. Exercises for ASD children: Improve hand-eye coordination, visual-spatial orientation, and perception, visual tracking, strength, and attention span. It can also be used as a motivational tool for behavioral modification. Educational and cognitive games: Alongside the physical activity are combined cognitive tasks like matching words, images, sound, and memory card games. Serving special-education needs as well as cognitive training for seniors. ​ With PLAYBALL, your patients won't just achieve better recovery faster. They will stay the course, thanks to higher engagement and self-empowerment achieved through visual feedback. Best of all, no special maintenance or new exercise routines are necessary. You will be familiar with every single exercise routine we provide with the product - now, however, they will be overlaid with a layer of engaging play. How did Mary Poppins put it? "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" - and stay down. To hear more about PLAYBALL, and how you can integrate it into your own rehabilitation routines contact us today.
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