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10'' Tablet + Standing case

10'' Tablet + Standing case


High quality Android tablet. Tested & Recommeded by PLAYWORK. Comes with 1 year warranty.

  • 10'' control panel  (including protective case and stand) Recommended model by PLAYWORK Ltd.

    1. See PLAYBALL type terms info/manual.
    2. PLAYWORK kit is standalone system and all data is saved internally, secured, encrypted and with no external access.
    3. Replacement prices are according PLAYWORK’s warranty spare part fee and product type version.
    4. Warranty period is up to 1 years max.
    5. Warranty period time will be set only one time and while purchasing the product and no later than that.
    6. Customer’s replacement request, at dead on arrival (DOA) cases, are free of charge whether customer notice is within 7 business days from getting the goods.
    7. Shipping of damaged goods from customers to PLAYWORK will always be at the customer’s expense. The damage will be inspected at PALYWORK’s labs, in case it is a factory defect, PLAYWORK will pay for the shipping back. In case not, the customer will pay for shipping it back from the PLAYWORK factory to the customer.
    8. Shipping is from Italy. Prices are not including custom fees, if there are any, it is on the customer’s account. International and local fees are different and changing from one country to another and it is not PLAYWORK’s responsibility.
    9. Shipments of less than 10 kits are generally without shipment insurance due to the law risk. Customer can always ask for adding an insurance on his expense for a package
    10. Tablet can be of diferrent models or brand, all tested & approved by PLAYWORK.
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