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Come find out how it works for you - in rehab, in play, and back to function. Meet your goals and enjoy the journey.

PLAYBALL the 'Smart' Ball

PLAYBALL is a revolutionary therapy ball that allows patients to play interactive games while performing a variety of rehabilitative ball exercises.

Achieve hundreds of efficient ball activities with a bundle of compelling games, and track your performance and progress over time.

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Certified medical device

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Discover the Joy of Physical Therapy with PLAYBALL!

At PLAYWORK, we understand that adherence is the key to successful rehabilitation. That's why we've revolutionized the way patients experience their therapy sessions. Say goodbye to dull routines and hello to engaging and playful rehabilitation. Our unique smart PLAYBALL, offers a solution to non-adherence by combining two essential pillars:

(a) Rehabilitation through play: Scientific studies have consistently shown that a play-based approach maintains patient interest and adherence to the rehabilitation regime.
Our program is designed to be fun and engaging, keeping patients interested and committed to their recovery journey. Not only does it improve patient adherence, but it also attracts individuals seeking a fresh approach to rehabilitation.

(b) Qualitative analysis and feedback:  we empower patients by providing qualitative tracking of their performance. With PLAYBALL, you can say goodbye to relying solely on memory or subjective assessments. Our innovative technology tracks patient progress, offering detailed analysis and feedback on their improvement and response to exercises. This motivates patients to stay dedicated to the program until they achieve full recovery.
Join us at PLAYWORK and experience the transformative power of fun and effective physical therapy!

Another Step To Achieve The Goal

PLAYBALL therapy ball is perfectly compatible with the rehabilitation techniques your therapists already know and are familiar with.


It simply provides them with the extra tools and pleasure to make these techniques really work even more efficiently for your patients.

To hear more about our hand exercise ball, and how you can integrate it in your own rehabilitation routines contact us today.

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