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Come find out how it works for you - in rehab, in play, and back to function. Meet your goals and enjoy the journey.

PLAYBALL the 'Smart' Ball

PLAYBALL is a revolutionary therapy ball that allows patients to play interactive games while performing a variety of rehabilitative ball exercises.

Achieve hundreds of efficient ball activities with a bundle of compelling games, and track your performance and progress over time.

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Certified medical device

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Physical Therapy Can Really Be All Fun and Games with PlayBall!

We all know that a key factor to successful rehabilitation is in three primary factors: adherence, adherence, and adherence. This is particularly true of the patients who need our help the most.


That is why we all invest such great efforts in making our rehabilitation routines more engaging and playful patients slowly improve - the last thing anyone wants is to see our patients fade away only to return months or years later with the same problems which led them to seek help in the first place!.