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Innovative PLAYBALL: Elevating Physical & Cognitive Training for kids & seniors

Written by PLAYWORK

At PLAYWORK, we took the standard of educational-cognitive training to the next level. Our innovative therapy ball (PLAYBALL) offers A new innovative practice that is aimed to combine physical and cognitive training.

Studies have long ago found a connection between playing games and improving physical and cognitive skills. The benefits of brain training have been reaped for years by therapists around the world.

Regardless of your age, playing games such as matching words, images, sounds, or memory card games can never be boring. Also, it is a fantastic way to preserve your mental health and make sure you will be as active in this modern era when our kids are spending long hours staring at screens.

The smart ball comes with a series of physi-cognitive games that are played on an Ipad and controlled by the pressure and movement applied on the ball with your hands. In this way, you can enhance your practice and be even more engaged, and improve both your physical and cognitive skills.

But most importantly, PLAYBALL employs proprietary IoT technology to turn common brain training activities into a fun and engaging gamified process.

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