What is hand therapy and what are the best tools to implement it?

Over the years, a variety of unforeseen events may befall us and bring about far-reaching changes in our day-to-day functioning.

From work accidents to inflammatory processes, our palm and wrist are exposed to a variety of factors that may limit our abilities to make optimal use of them.

To prevent further deterioration and restore normative functioning, medical experts offer a variety of non-invasive strategies that will allow you to return to routine.

Hand therapy consists of a wide range of techniques and exercises designed for the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of a variety of medical conditions in the hand and arm area – from shoulder to the tip of your fingers.

It utilizes various tools and occupational guidelines that allows patients to regain a significant level of function slowly but surely.

Therefore, hand therapy is a crucial element in your rehabilitation.

But what is hand therapy exactly? What are the best strategies and tools it provides and how can we make the best use of it for our benefits? If you are dealing with a severe hand or arm injury, this guide will help you find the optimal treatment plan.

How to consult your physician about hand therapy?

To make sure you get the proper guidance, your first line of assistance should be a hand specialist.

Your specialist's clinical experience and knowledge and familiarity with innovative practices allow him to build a plan tailored especially to your requirements.

When it comes to hand therapy there are various measures you can take and there are various benefits you can gain from it.

Hand strengthening techniques

There are many tools you can use to strengthen your muscles and tendons during your rehabilitation.

From dedicated bands to weights and even firm playdough, there are many aids available today to regain your strength.

Exercises dedicated to regaining flexibility and coordination.

There are many physical therapy exercises designed especially for the wrist, fingers, and arm joints.

These exercises are mostly passive, using dedicated springs or bands, but many others will use the patient's own muscle strength.

By using exercises that emulates your work environment and typical functions, you can ease your way into your old habits.

Edema and scar treatment

Touch therapy techniques, kinesio tape and a host of other tools make it possible to provide a comprehensive restoration that includes not only the soft tissues, but also the surface of the skin.

Hand therapy can help reduce edema, redness and inflammation and soften scar tissue over time.

The most significant intervention, though, extends far beyond the treatment sessions.

To ensure effective long-term rehabilitation, intervention is required in all areas of life.

Often, your specialist will recommend adjustments in the workplace through ergonomic solutions or changes in the nature of your work and everyday habits.

Your commitment to the process is an important factor in any hand therapy process.

How can Playwork help your hand therapy process?

Now that you understand what is hand therapy and how it can empower and sustain your rehabilitation process, we invite you to learn about a new and unique solution that will not only help you regain function - but guarantee you hours of enjoyment throughout the process.

Playwork is an innovative physiotherapy technology that reimagine hand patients' rehabilitation process.

This smart play-based therapy ball provides a comprehensive response to a wide range of situations and allows for high customization to the patient's needs.

With one easy-to-use and fun therapy tool, you can perform dozens of different exercises that are suitable for all stages of rehabilitation.

You got so far – why not have fun with it?

We at Playwork believe that the key to a successful rehabilitation begins with your motivation and dedication to the work that awaits ahead.

This is why we have invested in-depth thinking, many resources and professional knowledge accumulated over the years to develop a fun rehabilitative solution that will allow you to practice vital functions through play.

The range of possibilities that can be generated with Playwork is immense. Our team of professionals will accompany you throughout the process and provide you with dedicated exercises that will allow you to make the most of the therapy ball, according to your physician's treatment plan.

Monitor your progress easily throughout the entire program

Playwork's smart Playball allows your physician to track your performance and make any adjustments necessary in the hand therapy plan in real time.

The ball provides specialists with qualitative data that aids them in the assessment process without any need to keep records during the exercises.

Throughout the entire exercise, you will have a reliable and encouraging feedback that will help you adjust your performance and achieve optimal results.

Want to learn more about the wide range of possibilities you can enjoy with Playwork? Contact us now and power your rehabilitation plan with a groundbreaking solution.