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Shoulder Rehab: 1 exercise a day using a therapy ball for regaining shoulder functions

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Shoulder deficits are very common following neurological disorders (stroke, TBI, Nerve injury..) or orthopedic injuries (fractures, rotator cuff, arthritis, tears..).

Today's post is the 2nd in our Upper Limb series of articles demonstrating one great therapy exercise every time, that will help you regain your functions.

#2 Exercise: Ball Reach (Active assistive closed chain exercise)

Goals of practice:

  1. Improve shoulder range of motion and mobility in all directions.

  2. Improve reaching function.

  3. Improve motor control (proprioception), coordination.

Interaction: movement

Standing or sitting facing the wall/table. Ball is placed on the wall/table, hand/s on the ball, reaching out with the hand/s on the ball in different directions away from the body and back.

The course of practice:

  1. Movement range: according to personal ability.

  2. Amount of force pressure: Begin with non then according to patient’s ability.

  3. Session length: 0-10 min

  4. Number of repetitions in 1 min session:

Low - 10-20

Medium - 20-30

High - 30-40

Avoid these common compensations and errors:

  1. Lifting the shoulder to the ear (shoulder shrug).

  2. Leaning with the bodyweight on the ball.

  3. Trunk movements.

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