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PlayWork & Humanbio Instrument Inc announcing on new partnership for distribution in Taiwan

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

PLAYWORK LTD. and Humanbio Instrument Inc are announcing new collaboration, which will provide PLAYWORK's first of its kind physical therapy products to customers across in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese medtech transforming healthcare

While many people are familiar with Taiwan as a major manufacturer of IT components, its position as a leader in healthcare is already a well-known fact. In the International Health Care Index, which looks at facilities, infrastructure, staff competency and cost, Taiwan placed ninth, well above the UK and US, due to its well-qualified medical Personnel,

cutting-edge equipment and high-quality hospitals. It is perhaps unsurprising then that Taiwan is rapidly becoming a Centre for cutting-edge MedTech, with the aim to transform not only its own healthcare system, but also the world’s.

Taiwan's coronavirus (covid-19) response is among the best globally

During the current outbrake, Taiwan has largely succeeded in containing the coronavirus. while mainland China has had over 80,000 COVID-19 cases to date, Taiwan has kept its number of confirmed cases below 400. Some international health experts credit this to Taiwan's quick preparation and early intervention. This fact made Taiwan one of the first areas to maintain comercial activities and continue provide all nessesary health services in it's region.

Partnering with Humanibo Instruments Inc.

Company founded in December 2008 is a leading supplier of high quality medical equipment with customer base that covers all medical institutions across Taiwan. The company providing medical-tech equipment and hardware sales and services to Physical therapy,

occupational therapy, biomechanics, human factors engineering, medical engineering, occupational medicine, geriatric medicine, competitive sports, and sports, etc.

Mutual Statement

In a mutual statement given by Mr. Yani Shachrur, PLAYWORK’s CEO and Mr.

Johnson Lin, Humanibo's sales manager, both have agreed that "PLAYWORK’s smart Therapy Ball is well placed in the market to satisfy an increasing demand for innovative, easy-to-use technological physical therapy products throughout the innovative medical market in Taiwan".


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