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Physical Therapy Exercises For Shoulder Pain

Written by - PLAYWORK

There are numerous reasons why someone could have shoulder pain, from an accident or an injury (dislocation, separation, and fracture), medical conditions such as arthritis to simple joint inflammation. A study shows that 18-26% of adults experience shoulder pain during their lifetime. And with such a high percentage of those affected, there have to be effective methods to resolve the problem.

As you probably know, experiencing shoulder pain is never comfortable. It takes away your focus from everyday activities, while it may also limit your ability to work or perform any simple task. If shoulder pain is not promptly treated, it can cause chronic pain later on. And that's something that's hard to resolve.

So, let's see what the best exercises are for those who are going through shoulder pain for any reason.

Best Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain

When treating shoulder pain, some of the most recommended therapies are divided into physical therapy treatments and therapy exercises. Typical examples of treatments include ice therapy, heat therapy, hand-on therapy, electrical stimulation. On the other hand, exercises include pendulum therapy exercise, downward dog, across the chest, and more. Depending on the type of injury, your therapist may prescribe you either treatment or exercise.

As you can tell, treatments include using heat, cold, electricity, and more to stimulate your muscles and joints. This type of therapy is mainly implemented when it comes to joint inflammation, muscle relaxation, and reducing pain and swelling. Mostly, it's applied within the first 72 hours after the injury occurs.

However, shoulder pain usually lasts even after the injury itself is treated. Shoulder moving range is still limited, and any kind of movement causes pain and is difficult. This is when exercising comes into play. To increase the movement range, relieve the pain, and get as close as possible to everyday life as it was prior to the injury, patients need to do exercises. Some of the most popular ones we already mentioned. The key is to move the shoulder in different directions, stretch, and release, to widen the moving range.

PLAYWORK Smart Ball Therapy For Shoulder Pain

When it comes to shoulder pain, there's an option for patients to use a smart therapy ball. It's an innovative medical solution helping those in need to reduce the pain while exercising and improving their condition. Basically, it looks similar to regular physical therapy, but the smart ball is connected to a computer or an iPad, and it shows the patient's condition and progress.

You will be offered different games that will include moving your hand from the shoulder, pressing, squeezing, rotating, and more. You're expected to expand the moving range and reduce pain and stiffness with each movement. Joints should relax along with muscles and help your shoulder get to its previous shape.

Why Smart Therapy Ball?

If you've ever had to undergo physical therapy, then you know how boring it is. You're repeating all the same exercises round and round until someone says it's enough for today. A smart therapy ball was created with having patients in mind. Instead of requiring them to repeat several exercises over and over, smart ball offers hundreds of different games to play. You will be performing different tasks using the smart therapy ball, and all of your results will be immediately available.

Since the shoulder is used for many everyday activities, from lifting to reaching and carrying, having it fully mobile is a necessity. That's why a smart therapy ball will help you reach total flexibility and recover as much as possible. Whether you have arthritis or your shoulder has been overused during long working hours, a smart therapy ball can help. All of your muscles will be stretched and strengthened, while your shoulder will be relaxed and more flexible.

Exercises can be applied against the wall, table, floor, or any hard surface. It combines gaming and recovering, making patients enjoy the process and happily come to their appointment. Knowing how important a patient's mental state is, the smart therapy ball was created as a unique medical tool – for both relaxation and rehabilitation.

What Are Exercises Performed With Smart Therapy Balls?

You can practice the shoulder's stability by rolling the ball against the wall. To help you strengthen your muscles, you'll be prompted to play different games applying force to the ball with your shoulder, wrist, and elbow, making sure that all of these function in coordination. You can apply pressure on the ball from different angles, ensuring a more extensive moving range of your shoulder, elbows, and wrists. It will all depend on your condition, and a therapist will guide you through each exercise. The smart ball will then read your results on the screen so that you can see your progress by yourself.

A smart therapy ball was invented to help patients go through a new, funnier way of the rehabilitation process, and we believe it's worth trying.

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