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Personalized Rehab: Unleash the Potential with Smart Technology

Medically reviewed by Liron Shnitzer, OT — written by PLAYWORK.

In the world of rehabilitation, personalized care has found a new ally: smart technological equipment. This dynamic duo brings a range of advantages that are transforming the recovery journey.

Personalized rehab with smart tech means tailored treatment plans that adapt to individual needs, leading to more effective outcomes. Real-time monitoring and feedback ensure precise exercises and faster progress. Engagement soars as gamification and interactive interfaces turn rehab into an enjoyable experience. Data-driven insights refine treatments, and remote rehab options break down barriers to care. The fusion of personalized rehab and smart tech isn't just a partnership; it's a revolution that's paving the way for a more connected, effective, and engaging path to recovery.

Video example: Personlized game \ training levels in the SMART PLAYBALL system:

Imagine PLAYBALL, the smart therapy ball: this innovative example of this synergy. With personalized rehab settings, PLAYBALL can be customized to cater to the unique needs of each patient. For instance, a patient recovering from a wrist injury can have the ball's resistance and exercises adjusted to match their current strength and mobility levels. In cases of joint replacements, the smart ball can be programmed to gradually increase resistance as the patient's range of motion improves. This refers of course to supervised training at the clinic, if any other self-training is conducted by patient at home, it should be instructed and guided by a qualified therapist in advance.

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