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IOT (internet of things) Therapy Ball

Written by - PLAYWORK

People have been talking about the internet of things, and how it will revolutionize our lives for a long time now. Basically, IOT technology enables devices to work when they are connected to the web or internet and has the power to turn a little pin into an airplane.

IoT is not a small term as like its name is, its a very broad field that may affect all aspects of our life and we already see it expanding to many sub industries Such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Internet of Services (Ios), Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT), Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and more.

But while others have been talking we have been working - or Playworking with our therapy ball - an intelligent therapy ball, is the product of our hard work over the past years

The smart therapy ball from PLAYWORK is more than your regular rubber hand exercise ball. It employs the innovative IoT technology to turn regular rehabilitation and physical therapy exercises into an engaging, gamified process.You can have fun and enjoy specially designed hand therapy games, all while our smart product monitors your performance and generates a data-driven care plans.

PLAYBALL ball was developed on the basis of our experiences with rehabilitation patients and caregivers, and our expertise in developing cutting-edge electronics, therapy balls that offer patients and therapists perfect motion tracking data via smart integrated sensors that measure and track patient performance connected via Bluetooth to the PLAYWORK screen.

PLAYBALL is the only interactive physical therapy equipment that also measures the pressure applied to the ball. With it you can:

1. Perform objective, irrefutable measurement of patient performance.

2. Devote your undivided attention to supervising and engaging with your patients

3. Analyze, and show your patient, how much he has improved, and where he should concentrate to optimize his performance at your leisure, once the work is done.

Did we say work? What we meant is play, because PLAYBALL also functions as a video game controller, enabling the patient to complete standard rehabilitation ball exercises in sync with playing engaging games, and receiving real-time visual feedback, empowering him to self-correct his technique and motions under your close supervision.

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