Has Social Distancing Changed Your Professional Needs?🤔

Updated: 3 days ago

Quite suddenly, vast majority therapists — have to get used to a changing professional environment, mainly concerning the ways treatments are given. The samrt PlayBall technology may serve your needs during the new era of social distancing.

Adapting to changing needs. We are recently facing great interest in PlayBall, especially now in the outbreak of the Corona virus. Many Hospitals, Nursing homes, Clinics, and Rehabilitation centers are now contacting us to help meet the needs of working remotely, whether at an institution or at home.

Why PlayBall now? Of particular note is the fact that PlayBall is a portable system and that the use of the therapeutic ball does not require contact between the therapist and the patient and it is also well integrated in remote treatments.

Helping you and your patients. The system helps you and your patients perform elementary physical exercise tailored to personal needs, with the aim of maintaining ba

sic functions and therapeutic continuity during a period of social distancing.

To learn more about PlayBall and ask for a quote >> www.playwork.me

To learn about our new offers >> PlayBall Portfolio

Resident is regaining upper limb function after stroke using PlayBall interactive ball exercises and games.

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