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Hand Therapy Tools: essential equipment and the new 'smart' physio-balls

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Medically reviewed by Esti Naim, OTR/L — written by PLAYWORK.

Hand therapy is a rehabilitation process focused on exercising your fingers and entire hands after different diagnoses, including arthritis, injuries, bone fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions. It can be provided by a physical therapist or occupational therapist, improving your hand movements and general quality of life.

As you know, using your hands is an everyday task, from simple things such as clothing and making coffee to typing and working. That's why increasing your hands' movement capacity as much as possible is a simple must. While patients are usually elders, hand therapy can be performed with children and teenagers as well. There are different techniques for exercising your hands, but we will focus on a couple of them.


Different Tools For Hand Therapy

As mentioned, there is a whole variety of tools and techniques when it comes to hand therapy. Of course, it mainly depends on the type of injury, but also the age and more.

Those who have suffered any injury to their fingers could effectively use a finger ball exerciser.

This tool has holes for your fingers, and by pressing the ball each time with a different finger, you're increasing your strength. Besides, there's a finger stretcher, made from a rubber ribbon going in a circle with 5 holes – for each finger. You're putting your fingers through the hole and stretching the rubber ribbon until you reach the maximum.

Furthermore, if you have a hand injury, arthritis, and more, you can use a stress ball. Thanks to the material it's made from, applying pressure on it will help you use your entire hand and practice squeezing and releasing.

Besides, you can strengthen forearm muscles by rotating hammers, stacking cones, grasping and releasing rice from one bin to another, pneumatic squeeze bulbs, and more.

Smart Ball As A Hand Therapy Tool

As one of the best hand therapy tools nowadays, we would like to mention the smart ball. It's a therapy ball attached to a computer with a monitoring system. It functions like a regular stress ball or any other therapy ball, but it gives you results listed on the monitor for more accurate improvement. Besides, you can play various games using a smart ball, from hitting to grasping and squeezing, and that way, you're practicing different muscles in your hand and fingers.

Everything you do will be displayed on the monitor, and you can choose among various games. Since therapy is not anyone's favorite daily task, making sure to put some fun into it is a must. Not just that it will make the time go by faster, but it will put a patient into a positive state of mind.

If you're enjoying the therapy, you won't see it as an obligation but rather as a good exercise, which it should be. This kind of therapy is effective with children and seniors (age 5-99) since everyone is reacting much better to playing games and having fun and having better access to smart technology.

On the other hand, you're getting a full report about the patient's condition, and you can see which exercise gave the best results. Based on that, you can work on further improvements.

We want to mention that smart playball is a certified therapy device, and it's compatible with many different rehabilitation techniques.

Since hand therapy includes moving 18 different muscles, it is essential to have the right tool to move them all. And a smart therapy ball is exactly what you need. It's suitable for all patients – whether a child, athlete, veteran, or an older person, you will enjoy this simple hand therapy solution tool.

It's made from soft rubber, making moving and squeezing on the right level. It won't be too difficult, just enough for your muscles and joints to move, stretch and exercise. You will improve your hand's mobility, prevent further muscle' deter, reduce pain and stiffness, and even relieve stress. When suffering and being in pain, stress is unavoidable.

That's why a smart therapy ball is helping you relax and think positively. As you know, being positive is half of the therapy, so by using the smart ball, you're ensuring yourself to be relaxed enough.

Besides being a hand therapy tool, using a smart ball will help you increase hand-eye coordination, which is another important thing when suffering hand injury or medical condition.

Smart Ball Therapy Conclusion

As you can tell, a smart therapy ball was created with one goal – to improve your rehabilitation process and increase hand therapy success level. It's a terrific tool to use, and it will make your rehabilitation interesting and fun while also healing.

Whether you tried it or not, we advise you to join thousands of those who have already tested it and have seen positive results. There's nothing to lose; you can only gain from using this innovative medical solution for your hand therapy!

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