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Hand Therapy - treatment ideas & information

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Hand therapy would be a non-surgical method to recover the hand and is usually applied through exercising, splinting, and wound care. Hand therapists also treat other upper limb disorders that affect hand function.

There are different types of hand therapy. By saying it, you can imply healing painful nerves, treating a wound, helping with persistent pain, getting backhand functions such as higher mobility reduced due to traumas, and more.

Hand therapy can be applied immediately after the injury occurs or as a treatment after surgery.

Hand therapy methods

As aforementioned, hand therapy includes all the various methods to be used, all depending on the type of trauma or wound. Once a patient is prepared for therapy, there are different tools to help. One of the most effective hands therapy tools would be a therapy ball.

There are different exercises such as power grip, pinch, thumb flexion, and more. However, not every therapy ball is the same. Unlike a regular hand exercise ball, we have smart playballs as well. These balls have integrated sensors that allow them to follow every movement of your hand.

Besides, they are connected to monitors, showing how your hand moves and whether you do the exercise correctly. As the most exciting part, we would pinpoint the fact you can use a smart therapy ball to play different games.

Imagine spending hours at the rehabilitation facility, constantly repeating the same exercise over and over.

Sounds bad, doesn’t it? With the introduction of a smart playball, we’ve got an interactive therapy that is healthier not just for the body but also for the mind. Besides benefits in terms of healing your hand, this type of therapy also helps your mental progress as you feel more relaxed and have more fun.

Smart Therapy Ball as a Hand Therapy Tool

Whether you already have a hand therapist or need to find one, everyone will prescribe specific exercises. As an additional tool for these, you can use a smart therapy ball. This tool will help you recover while tracking your progress.

Since it’s connected to a computer, it tracks your movements and memorizes them. Each day you can see whether you did better than the day before and how much you’ve improved since you started.

It also significantly impacts your mental state since it shows you how far you’ve come, motivating you to move forward.

Your therapist can also track your responses to various exercises and make sure you find those most beneficial for your advancement.

Smart therapy balls can be used to play various games where you need to make shapes using your hand, pressure the ball at a certain moment, or chase objects.

Regardless of the game, you will certainly have more fun than doing standard physical therapy.

If you need hand therapy, you will not regret trying the one that includes a smart therapy ball.




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