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Hand Exercise For Arthritis

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Arthritis usually implies swelling and tenderness of one or several joints. Once a person is diagnosed with arthritis, they can experience pain and stiffness around the inflamed area.

Arthritis usually implies swelling and tenderness of one or several joints. Once a person is diagnosed with arthritis, they can experience pain and stiffness around the inflamed area. However, certain exercises are helping them reduce the pain and increase the muscles' movement range.

The inflammation itself can come due to age, sports, or another kind of injury, and more. It mainly affects fingers, knees, and hips, while it can be followed by other symptoms, including fatigue, weight loss, joint redness, and more. The two most common arthritis types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Here, we'll be discussing hand exercises for arthritis and all the ways you can reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life.

The Best Hand Exercises For Arthritis

Since arthritis affects joints, it's crucial to work on stretching and bending your fingers. Here are some of the best exercises to do, even by yourself.

Thumb Reach: Put your hand in the relaxed position, and then try bending your thumb towards your palm until you reach the small finger's bottom. If you can't reach it, make sure to bend your thumb as much as possible and repeat this exercise multiple times, so it'll be effective.

Joint Stretching: You can also try putting your hand into a straight position and then bending the

bottom and middle joints together. Basically, you should be touching your palm with fingers while keeping the hand straight. Again, repeat the exercise multiple times to increase effectiveness.

Fist Stretching: Another thing to try is a fist stretch. Put your hand into the fist position and then stretch it as much as possible. As you already know, repeat several times.

Finger Stretching: Put your fingers on the flat surface and stretch it without forcing your joints. It will help you reduce the pain. Try holding your hand in the straightened position for 30-60 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Grip\Finger Press: Of course, you can always use a stress ball or other grip straightener and squeeze it. Hold it pressed for 10-15 seconds and release. You can also take a ball and pinch it between your thumb and other fingers to improve the fingers' movement range.

Smart Ball Therapy

While using traditional medical tools can significantly improve your condition and help you deal with arthritis consequences, using a smart ball can make the whole difference. This innovative medical tool is designed to help people with different medical conditions get their shape back.

Basically, unlike a traditional ball, a smart ball is connected to a monitor, helping you follow all your movements, pressure incensement, painful spots, and more. Using it, you're ensuring to know which exercise is the best for you and which one is doing more damage. Also, you're guaranteeing yourself some fun, instead of plain exercises.

The ball allows you to play different games and exercises, from pulling, rolling, squeezing, to hitting. Depending on your condition and the location of your inflamed joints, you will be enrolled in different games that will help you reduce the pain and stiffness and increase the moving range of

your fingers and wrists. You will see the results of each exercise and decide which one works the best for your particular case.

Of course, this tool is CE approved medical devide, so you're completely safe while using it. And the best of all – it brings so much joy even to the youngest ones. If someone you love suffered arthritis at a young age, you know that going to therapy is difficult for them and is usually seen as a dull activity. However, if you let them play while exercising, everything will change. Not just children, but adults are also enjoying this activity, which leads to a better mood and more positive attitude. And once their mind-set is on point, everything else is easier to resolve. We often hear that mental state is half of the medical condition, and that is really true. That's why the smart ball was created, keeping in mind that those who suffer could use some extra fun while going towards a better life.

Why Smart Therapy Ball?

If, so far, you're not convinced that a smart therapy ball is a right thing, let us tell you this. When moving your hand, you're moving 18 different muscles. And each of these should be exercised adequately for the pain to reduce. Using traditional medical tools is good and has worked for so many years. However, you're never sure if you're doing it right and if you're actually changing something. That's why the smart therapy ball has everything on the screen. You will see the results and the effect you achieved during each session. You can also clearly see which exercise is the best for you and keep repeating it more than the other ones.

Also, once you learn how to use it, this medical tool can be used at home as well, which means that you can be in your comfort zone and give yourself the best of both – feeling relaxed and still be sure that your medical condition is taken care of.

Since it's a valid and recognized tool, we believe that you have nothing to lose by trying it. And once you see the results, you will be amazed.

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