PLAYBALL New version release: Meet the games that you have been waiting for

Updated: 6 days ago

August 2021

Meet the new rich content and improved experience

We've built our new games and software around experience, engagement and wide proven therapeutic advantages, all aimed to help more patients achieve better and recover faster. Most importantly, our new software is in line with what you have been expecting us:

Educational & Cognitive Games Series

In our new exciting edition we implemented cognitive and educational training alongside the physical activities. Our new games simultaneously require to perform cognitive tasks such as matching words, images, sound and memory card games. The main Goal is to serve educational needs as well as cognitive training for kids & seniors (5-99):

New Design, New Characters

A new design of existing games, screens and app flow for best experience and friendly use:

We also included improved data collection, information analysis and improved graphical display. To

Contact us (below) or visit: www.playwork.me/playball

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