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PLAYWORK & AXTION TECH announcing on a new partnership for distribution in North America

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

PLAYWORK LTD. and Axtion Technology LLC. are announcing a new collaboration, which will provide PLAYWORK's first of its kind physical therapy products to customers across the USA and Canada. Axtion Tech (based in Palatine, IL) is a leading provider focusing on Fitness-Gaming Technologies, marketing innovative equipment to rehab, therapy, schools, and senior fitness customers.

In a mutual statement given today by Mr. Yani Shachrur, PLAYWORK’s CEO and Mr. Ed Kasanders, Axtion Tech‘s CEO, both agreed that "PLAYWORK’s smart therapy ball is well placed in the market to satisfy an increasing demand for innovative, easy-to-use technological physical therapy products throughout the continent".

Gaming technologies in healthcare: the medical market has been implementing fitness technologies for the last years and both companies experience great success with compliance and progressions using interactive fitness solutions.

Motivating therapy for everyone: technology and games are well used for improving mobility, strength, and body control or to sharpen balance, coordination, and reaction speed. Games have different degrees of difficulty and duration, which can be chosen, based on the client's condition and value to any individual, kids to seniors.

Everyone loves to play!



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