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Corona Era: PlayBall help to maintain function for people in isolation

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

PlayBall helps to preserve physical function and continuous treatments for people in isolation by suggesting fun, engaging, and customized physical activities

Now in the coronavirus outbreak, many experience long periods of isolation, and are at high risk to deteriorate in their physical condition and basic functions.

Many are exposed to the threat - People in nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals, homes for the disabled, and virtually any others that are isolated, whether it is in an institute or at home. All are exposed to regression and looking for a way to preserve physical activity and to maintain basic functions during the long periods of isolation.

Care for our senior population during social distancing ❤️❤️  Resident is regaining upper limb function after stroke using #PlayBall interactive ball exercises and games.
Care for our senior population during social distancing

Another problem concerns people who undergo physical therapy and will miss their appointments. These will be at high risk to suffer regression in their recovery. The challenge of both patients and their caregivers is to keep continuity in therapy in order to reduce regression to a minimum.

Main goals:

  • Maintain basic functions

  • Allow continuity in therapy

  • Help with solitude and boredom

  • Engage in physical activity by combining fun games designed for kids and seniors!

PLAYBALL may address this. The 'smart', interactive therapy ball allows patients to perform customized exercises tailored to their needs and ability. What likely makes it a good choice is the fact that the patient can use it independently and it is mobile, especially now with the coronavirus situation.

To watch clips of real patients using the system visit > Exercise Clips



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