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Physical Therapy Really Can Be All Fun with PLAYBALL!

December 2021

Rehab can be frustrating and tedious and time consuming. We all know that a key factor to successful rehabilitation is in three primary factors: adherence, adherence, and adherence.

If you’re given exercises to do by a physio or OT, you need to do them for a long period, sometimes for weeks or months. You also need to be doing them correctly to get the best outcome. The patients who do well are the ones who put the time and effort in. There are no quick fixes!

Achieving our goal

That is why we all invest such great efforts in making our rehabilitation routines

more engaging and playful patients slowly improve - the last thing anyone wants is to see our patients fade away only to return months or years later with the same problems which led them to seek help

in the first place!.

Rehabilitation through play

PLAYBALL's rehabilitation program is oriented for playful engagement and fun! For the patient, a play-based approach has been found to be a key component in maintaining patient interest and adherence to the rehabilitation regime.

The exercise ball from PLAYWORK is more than your regular rubber hand exercise ball. It employs an innovative IoT (Internet of Things) technology to turn regular rehabilitation and physical therapy exercises into an engaging, gamified process.

You can have fun and enjoy specially designed hand therapy games, all while our smart product monitors your performance and generates a data-driven care plan.

Therapists love it as well

It has also been found to be a major source of attraction for patients seeking a new rehabilitation framework. But it's fun for the therapist as well, with clinics employing play-based practices enjoying far higher employee satisfaction.


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