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Occupational Therapy Tools For Hands

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy focused on those who suffered injuries, have been ill, or are disabled, and helping them learn new skills and improve their quality of life. It deals with cognitive, sensory, or physical issues, assisting people in treating the condition in the best way possible.

Usually, people who need occupational hand therapy have suffered arthritis, orthopedic or other injuries, congenital disabilities, and more. An occupational therapist is there to ensure they will use all the therapy tools in the right way and reduce the damage. They also provide emotional support for the patient and help with anything they go through.

Different Occupational Therapy Tools For Hands

There are many tools your occupational therapist can recommend when it comes to hands. Some of the most popular things are grip straighteners, sensor brushes, silicone holders, therapy putty, therapy balls – rubber, sponge, bands, and more. All these tools are used to improve your hand condition as well as hand-eye coordination. A lot will depend on the trauma that causes hand issues, so your therapist will choose the right tool based on that.

All these tools have been used in occupational therapy for years and, so far, have given tremendous results. When it comes to increasing the patient's quality of life, some of these tools have played a key factor. That's why many therapists insist on using them.

Tools differ based on medical condition but also age. If a birth defect caused hand issues, there are different soft tools for children to use. Kids are practicing catching and squeezing. Once they're toddlers, they can start with cubes and other toys, while teens can use almost all the hand tools designed for adults.

Occupational therapists are helping resolve pain in the hands, wrists, and shoulders while improving the finger and hand motion range. That way, those enrolled in the therapy slowly practice basic activities and improve motor skills.

What Is A Smart Playball, And How Can It Be Used As A Hand Therapy Tool?

A smart playball is an innovative medical tool designed to help those who have suffered any kind of injury or are going through a medical condition. It helps to practice while, at the same time, monitoring all the activities. That way, you can see the immediate result of your exercise and know which exercises work the best for you.

Since we've already mentioned the large impact that hand therapy tools have on the patient, it's important to note that smart therapy playball is a new-gen solution since you can actually monitor all the activities, it can help improve your results. At the same time, your therapist better understands your condition and all the exercises that are positively affecting it.

A smart ball is a terrific tool not just because it can show you all the different impacts of each exercise but also because it's fun. Unlike typical balls that you can squeeze and release, a smart play ball is made for much more. You can play different games and turn your therapy into a session of fun.

Needless to say, being in the right mental state is of utmost importance for all the patients who need this kind of therapy. That's why smart playball was made to be fun and recreational. It will help you improve your hand's range of motion and relief the pain in your joints and wrists while you are chasing and squeezing and catching all the different shapes and things on the screen. And, once you're relaxed, the results will come by themselves.

Of course, you can use the smart playball individually on your own or at your OT\PT clinic consulting with your therapist who can guide you throughout the whole process, giving you different tasks to do, leading to the best possible outcome.

Occupational therapists provide different kinds of support, that's precisely what you're getting along with a smart playball. A support system for you and your family members, built on a stable system of physical therapy.

If you're still hesitant and unsure whether you should try something new, you should know that the Smart playball is a CE-approved medical tool that can only improve your quality of life.

Try it now.



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