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Michael J. Fox: Playing "Johny B. Good" despite Parkinson's

Back in 1991, at the tender age of 29, fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The actors illness causes degeneration of the nervous system. He was told he would be luck if could still work when he was 40 as his quality of life would drastically decrease. Today, despite his condition, still working full time, fox is seeing the positive side to it and has been determined to find a cure for the disease through his nonprofit foundation, the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's research and is quoted - "Don't feel bad for me, i'm living a wonderful life". Today, it's a well recognized fact that physical activity is one of the most influential factors to continue living a fulfilling and wonderful life, even with Parkinson's. Watch Fox playing Johnny B. Good, just like he did back then in #Back2TheFuture at the early 80's:



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