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PLAYBALL: Hand therapy exercises after surgery

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

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Hand Therapy Using Smart Playball:

1. Power Grip

2. Table roll

3. Finger Flexion

4. Thumb Roll

Let’s face it. Whatever you’re doing, you’re most likely using your hands. From basics, such as eating and moving things, to some more complicated things, such as playing a musical instrument.

As it’s one of the most used body parts, hurting your hands and having surgery is not easy for anyone. That’s why after surgery, it’s essential to do your best to strengthen your hands.

In the end, you will need to use them as often as before the injury.

Now, going to rehabilitation can become dull and tiring after a while. But for a full recovery, a will is the most important. Besides, you will need a lot of adherence to succeed.

That’s exactly why we invented PLAYBALL.

We've found a way to make your therapy fun and something you’re looking forward to in your day. Now you can not only use a unique hand therapy ball for rehab, it will also be fun and engaging playing games during practice, stimulating your brain while recovering your hand functions.

In this article, We will give you a couple of tips related to Hand therapy exercises after surgery using the smart therapy ball.

Hand Therapy Using Smart Playball

Yes, it sounds like it’s made for kids, but it can be lots of fun for adults too. No matter how old you are, using a playball during rehabilitation can improve your results.

Hand Therapy Using Smart Playball

Instead of classically moving your wrist left and right and trying to touch your hands behind your back, do something interesting. Practice time will run much faster and you will feel your brain-stimulating and training as well. A set of games will guide you throughout your recovery all while screening your performance and progress over time. So, get yourself a colored playball and enjoy your smart therapy sessions!

Here are some of the most effective exercises for you:

1. Power Grip

To strengthen your grip and be able to grab objects, you should try this exercise.

As mentioned, you need to use your hand for many basic things, including holding your spoon while eating. To make it easier, try this one:

Squeeze the playball with all of your fingers like making a fist. Then release the ball and stretch your fingers as much as you can. During therapy, your ball will be attached to a screen showing you the right time to squeeze and release - making it fun, you’re actually playing a video game.

To hold a better grip on the ball you can always inflate or deflate some air from it in order to perfectly fit your hand and strength.

2. Table roll

As the name itself suggests, you should put your playball on the table and roll it with your hand. Keep your hand flat and roll the ball from the base of your palm to the top of your fingers.

This exercise will help you get a feeling of pressure back since you need to apply just enough pressure for the ball not to stop while rolling it. Again, follow the steps on your screen for an accurate moving direction.

(See example: rolling activity and combined with pressing to blow up the monster)

*This exercise can be practiced with any of our combined Movement + Pressure controlled games

3. Finger Flexion

Here, we’ll be focusing on strengthening your fingers. Yet, you won’t be using your thumb for this one since the main focus is on the rest. Grab a playball with your hand and squeeze it without using your thumb. Keep pressing and releasing the ball according to what you see on your smart screen.

The point of this exercise is to focus more on other fingers since, for most exercises, the thumb takes it all.

*This exercise can be practiced with any of our pressure controlled games

4. Thumb Roll

Unlike the previous exercise, we’ll be focusing on your thumb only. Put the playball in the middle of your palm and use only your thumb to roll it around. This way, you’ll also be practicing your motoric skills since it’s not easy to hold and roll the ball with one finger only. You might be able to see on your screen how your skills are improving.

*This exercise can be practiced with any of our combined Movement+Pressure controlled games

Now you have a couple of tips to help you out. Remember that having professional assistance, even via video, can improve your results a lot. Therefore, find yourself someone to guide you and recover as fast as possible!


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