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Hand Therapy Balls

We cannot imagine a day passing without using our hands. They are the essence of human behavior. Brushing teeth, driving a car, making breakfast, hugging, handshaking, and typing are small examples of everyday tasks completed by the average person. That is why every hand injury can cause a variety of problems and in such cases increasing the hand’s movement capacity is essential.

Hand therapy is the non-surgical treatment of hand injuries and disorders, and rehabilitation is the process of healing and helping people to achieve the highest level of function and quality of life possible. This treatment includes physical methods such as splinting, wound care, and exercise. Hand therapy is not focused only on hands. It also consists of an individual’s upper extremities (arms, shoulders, hands, wrists, elbows, and forearms). Hand therapy is performed on elders, teenagers, and children, and when it comes to hand therapy, there are various tools and techniques. Many of them mainly depends on the type of injury, age, and more.

Hand Therapy With Balls

This therapy is specially designed to help exercise and rehabilitate the hand from all sorts of disorders and injuries. It provides a strong level of resistance which helps increase therapeutic effects.

Stress ball

If you have arthritis or a hand injury, a stress ball can help. Mainly thanks to the material that is made from, applying the pressure will activate muscles, and you can practice the motion of squeezing and releasing. Besides, this is a straightforward tool that can be used everywhere. Except for stress balls, you can also straighten your forearm muscles when using rotating hammers, grasping, pneumatic squeeze bulbs, and more.


PLAYBALL is therapy with a smart therapy ball. It provides both cognitive and physical training using fun and interactive methods. Getting the patients to start and continue therapy isn’t always easy. After suffering an injury, patients can often be depressed and not interested in exercising, which is essential for recovery. PLAYBALL is a smart therapy ball that uses engaging methods that are simple and fun for the patients. And the possibility of seeing immediate results can be very motivating for them, which makes the whole recovery process easier on so many levels,

from physical to psychological. This method can be used in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, etc. It can also be used at home - YES, it’s that simple!

How Does The PLAYBALL Work?

The PlayBall functions as a performance measurement tool and a game controller; it tracks pressure and motion patients are putting on, along with several other factors. So it’s a therapy attached to a computer with a monitoring system. This exercise allows you to practice whilst playing games; the sensors measure and track your performance, during which time you receive immediate visual feedback on your progress.

The therapy itself can be quite exhausting, you have to deal with the commitment you didn’t choose, and you would probably rather be somewhere else. But with our PLAYBALL, the time will fly. You can play various games, so the fun never really dies. Hitting, squeezing, and grasping are going to hit a wide range of different muscles both in your hand and fingers, and as time passes, your movement is getting better. All of that by playing video games!

Can you believe it? Motion tracking is provided with smart, integrated sensors that track and measure patients’ performance, and those results are shown on the PLAYWORK screen.

PLAYBALL is built of soft rubber for increased durability and grip.

Each time you press the ball with a different finger, you’re making your muscles stronger.

You will be exercising your fingers, joints, muscles, an entire hand, and wrists. It’s a unique therapy ball made for any kind of injury or medical condition. And, unlike traditional stress balls, it shows all your results on the screen, making it easier to follow. When you squeeze a regular stress ball, you have no idea about the pressure you’ve applied or how many muscles you’ve used. PLAYBALL is here to show you everything. This way, you can ensure to exercise all 18 hand muscles and improve your condition in no time. Also, it gives you this feeling of reduced stress and relaxation, helping you improve your mental state as well.

Yes, using a stress ball is effective, but using the smart therapy ball is even better.



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