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Announcing new partnership for distribution in South East Asia

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

PLAYWORK LTD and HEALTH LINK HOLDINGS LTD are announcing a new collaboration, that will provide PLAYWORK'S first-of-its-kind physical therapy products to healthcare providers across Southeast Asia. Health Link LTD (Hong-Kong-based company established in 2008) is a leading provider focusing on sales and marketing of innovative and high-tech medical, rehabilitation, and sport science equipment. 

In a joint statement given last week in Hong Kong, both Mr. Yani Shachrur and Mr. Samuel Chan agreed that "there is huge sales potential in Asia for PLAYWORK'S innovative product. PLAYBALL, the new trending therapy ball is extremely well placed in the market to satisfy an increasing demand for innovative, affordable, easy-to-use technological rehabilitation products throughout the region".

We continue 'PLAYWORKING' very fast... stay tuned

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