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PLAYWORK & Moveri GmbH announcing new partnership for distribution in Germany-Austria-Switzerland

PLAYWORK Ltd. and Moveri GmbH are announcing new collaboration, which will provide PLAYWORK's first of its kind physical therapy products to customers across German speaking countries.

The German healthcare system: emerging innovations

The German healthcare system is well-established, effective, and enjoys high levels of trust among the general public. In 2018 the German social health insurance system spent more than €230bn on medical care for its more than 73 million insured users. Taking into account more than eight million members of private health insurance programs, the German healthcare system is also one of the largest and efficient in the world.

Aging population across the western world

Populations around the western world are aging, and Germany is no exception. According to its Federal Statistical Office, there will be nearly 10 million people in Germany aged 80 or over in 2050, compared to 4.4 million in 2013. Even within an efficient and well-resourced healthcare system, innovation and digitization will be the key to long-term sustainability and dealing with this kind of change.

As example, the annual healthcare costs related to stroke in Germany are still higher than €45bn, of which €20bn is related to the medical costs of strokes. Alone in Germany there are more than 230.000 new stroke patients every year who survive and need supply, and all in all more than 450.000 new neurological sufferers every year. With incidences of stroke are expected to increase tremendously, the latest guidelines include provision for digital and mobile screening and treatment options.

Digital transformation trend

Digitalization is changing all aspects of life in our society. Existing structures are strengthened by innovative ideas, which can pave the way for more efficient methods.

The potential for new ideas and digital business models seems endless; and the big advantages are clearly in the improvement of healthcare. Especially at a time when the average age of society is getting higher, the need for a more extensive form of healthcare is growing.

Digital technologies are used here to improve both diagnosis and treatment for doctors and patients. In order to find their way into the healthcare market, manufacturers need an easy and non-bureaucratic way to showcase their new technologies and innovations – this in turn means new legislation, new rules and new regulations are needed. Therefore, two legislative amendments were put in place: The Special Care Contract in 2015 and the Digital Care Act (DVG) in 2019.

New German Digital care act allows 'aps on prescription'

As example of the digital transformation is the new the new Act to Improve Healthcare Through Digitization and Innovation (Digital Healthcare Act) entered into force in Germany last year. The Digital Healthcare Act allows patients to receive health apps by prescription if certain conditions are met. The Act also makes it easier for patients to make virtual doctor visits and access their health data from anywhere. This new low may dramatically expand the implementation of new digital technologies in the German healthcare system.

Partnering with Moveri-GmbH

The company founded in December 2015 is a leading supplier of innovative high quality rehabilitation equipment with customer base that covers all German speaking countries. The company has developed vast knowledge and experience in sales structures for the medical technology market. Mover GhmB is providing a wide spectrum of well-designed devices alongside with clinical experience which give an ultimate value to patient

Mutual Statement

In a mutual statement given by both CEO's Mr. Yani Shachrur and Mr. Fabian Kurz, Humanibo's, both have agreed that "PLAYWORK’s smart Therapy Ball is well placed in the medical technology market to satisfy an increasing demand for innovative, easy-to-use technological physical therapy products throughout the innovative medical market in Germany-Austria-Switzerland".

To learn more about PlayBall and therapeutic ball exercises >> www.playwork.me

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